Jonathan Cantarero

Welcome to my page.  I am a Christian lawyer, seminarian, and author who writes on the intersection of law and religion as well as career advancement. I am the author of "El Compromiso Social de la Iglesia: Una Perspectiva Pentecostal," available on Amazon in September 2020.  

Book Release: El Compromiso Social de la Iglesia: Una Perspectiva Pentecostal

El propósito de este libro es que sirva de guía para los pentecostales hispanos con el fin de entender y aplicar el compromiso social dentro y fuera de las iglesias. El libro en sí es un recurso tanto para ministros como para laicos. La primera parte cubre la base teológica para el compromiso social utilizando el cuadrilátero wesleyano. En la segunda parte se presentan ejemplos de cómo la iglesia se ha involucrado y debe involucrarse en cuestiones de justicia social. Es el deseo del autor que este libro sirva como un recurso en las iglesias, institutos bíblicos y escuela de misiones para equipar al cuerpo de Cristo en la obra de servir a los demas.

Liberation Theology and Political Process: A Case Study of New York City's Mayor

Liberation theology as a religious movement focuses on the socio-economic and political liberation of the oppressed through the disruption of governing structures.[1] On a conceptual level, this movement has been extensively considered and examined by legal scholars and theologians. On an empirical level, discussions regarding its actual impact on real world issues have largely been limited to Latin America, where the movement began.[2] This essay explores the application of liberation theology

How to Choose the Right Law School For You

A fulfilling career in law starts with choosing the right law school. From course selection to campus culture, finding a school that meets all of your needs can be an exciting, if also daunting, task. Here are four factors you’ll want to keep in mind as you go through the process. For some of us, the process begins and ends with rankings. Rankings give us an easy and comprehensive way to evaluate and compare schools against each other. When it comes to law schools, there are two basic types of

6 Top Interview Questions and How to Answer Them (Part 1)

If you’re reading this, chances are you have an interview coming up. You’re probably wondering what types of questions to expect and what you can do to prepare. Well, you’ll be happy to know that employers tend to recycle the same questions regardless of the field or area of interest. In this article, I’ll walk you through the most common questions along with some sample answers. So, let’s dive in! Why Should We Hire Without a doubt, the top question to expect will be some form of: “Why should

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In Part 1 of my series on interviews, I talked about three of the most common questions asked during interviews: • None Why should we hire you? • None Tell me a little about yourself? I also added sample answers that simulate real-world experiences. In this article, I share three more questions you should be prepared to answer for any interview setting. 4. Why Do You Want Ideally, this should be an easy question to answer. Most of us know exactly why we’ve applied somewhere and can articulate

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If you’re applying for a degree program, one question to consider is whether to get an online, hybrid, or traditional degree. Having gone both the online and traditional route, I know this can be a tricky decision to make. In this article, I discuss four factors to consider as you mull over your options. At the risk of stating the obvious, the first thing you need to do is find out is what types of learning platforms are available for your specific degree program. If your dream is to be a bioch

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Ask anyone the most stressful part of applying for a fellowship and chances are they’ll say the interview. Whether it’s a one-on-one, a panel of department heads, or multiple rounds over several months (Yes, I’ve done each of these!), interviewing is a nerve-racking experience. My own ups and downs in navigating these high-stakes meetings have taught me simple but useful ways to improve anyone’s interview performance. This article discusses five pointers that will help you succeed in virtually a

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A professor once told me that securing a fellowship is only half the battle—the other half is making it a meaningful experience. In this article, I discuss a few pointers to consider before starting a fellowship, internship or volunteer position. Following these tips will help you get the most out of your experience and set you up for success down the road. Every mentor will tell you that you should develop relationships wherever you go, and there is a good reason for that. Not only does it mak